Learn to Sail in Virtual Reality

You can watch my sailing videos captured in 360 by visiting the Sailboat Instructor YouTube Channel. Virtual reality goggles are not required, but are recommended for a fully immersive experience. Nothing beats sailing on a real sailboat, but sailing in virtual reality is the next best thing.

Learning to sail in virtual reality if a fun and affordable way to learn the ropes. Filming in 360 video allow instructors and coaches to hop aboard your boat and and provide personalized coaching without actually having to hop aboard your boat. It's also a fun way for family and friends to ride along during a race or a bareboat charter. Click here to learn more.

Learn to Sail in 10 Minutes

Step 1: Watch Learn to Sail in 10 Minutes and learn the basics. This video is the perfect introduction for those thinking about taking a sailing lesson or learn to sail course.

Introductory Lesson (VR)

Step 2: Learn to sail in virtual reality for free. Watch on your smart phone or purchase virtual reality goggles for as little as $10 and take your first lesson with a US Sailing Certified Small Boat Instructor.

Try Sailing for Real

Step 3: Many sailing clubs now offer low cost introductory lessons so you can try sailing on comfortable and stable boat with an experienced instructor. Visit FirstSail.Org for a list of locations.

Boater Safety Course

Take a NASBLA-approved boater safety course. Click on the link for a list of boater safety courses approved in your state. Please do not operate a sailing vessel until you understand the rules of the rules of the road and boating laws in your area.

Learn to Sail - Beginning Sailing

Watch and learn! If you liked my Learn to Sail in 10 Minutes video, you're going to love my learn to sail video series. Learn to Sail Beginning Sailing is scheduled to be released prior to the spring 2022 sailing season.

Video Instruction & Coaching

Submit your GoPro Max 360 video footage and I'll create a coaching video you that you can watch privately in virtual reality on my Sailboat Instructor YouTube Channel. Minimum fee $300.

It's an affordable alternative to flying me in, putting me up in a hotel, paying for my meals, and praying for good wind conditions. You can even rent cameras to keep the costs down. Check out my action cam and helmet rig guide.

Watch Dan and Linda at the 2021 Glow in the Dark Regatta. You can watch an intro video and the raw racing footage in 360 from of race 1. I'm authorized to share their full coaching video privately with those who are seriously considering video coaching.

If you are interested, please email me at sailboatinstructor@gmail.com and be sure to include your name and cell phone number.

About Me

My name is Eric Bussell and I am always looking forward to my next regatta and enjoy teaching and coaching. I started making sailing videos when I started learning to sail and gradually developed my skills as a sailor and video editor over the years. I'm a US Sailing Certified Small Boat Instructor and have extensive experience showing new sailors the ropes. I'm still learning and getting better at both sailing and video editing and hope you find my sailing videos helpful and fun.

Flying Scot, Inc

The Flying Scot is the sailboat featured in my videos. The Flying Scot is a versatile day sailor and racer. To learn more about the boat, please visit the builder website at FlyingScot.com.

Flying Scot Sailing Association

The Flying Scot Sailing Association are the people who sail the Flying Scot. Class associations are the glue that holds everything together. To find our more about Flying Scot sailing and find a Flying Scot fleet near you, visit FSSA.com.