Learn to Sail


Parts of the Rig & Sails

Points of Sail

How a Sail Works

Trimming the Sails

Steering the Boat



Returning to Dock

At the Dock

Leaving the Dock

Halyard Tension

Sailing in the Groove

Walking the Line


Heaving To

Safety Position

Capsize Avoidance

Capsize Recover

Spinnaker Trim (Coming Soon)

Spinnaker Douse

Connect to the Trailer

Prepare the Boat
(Mast already up)

Put Away the Boat
(Mast stays up)

Ramp Launch

Ramp Retrieval

Hoist Launch

Hoist Retrieval

Sail Controls

Light Wind Sailing

Heavy Wind Sailing

Using a Compass

Raising the Mast

Lowering the Mast

Tuning the Rig

Transporting Boat